10 Best Small Colleges in Nebraska | Expert List

10 Best Small Colleges in Nebraska | Expert List

Are you looking for the best small colleges in Nebraska?

Explore the diverse educational landscape of the Cornhusker State, where a range of unique institutions await.

From private liberal arts colleges fostering individualized learning to public universities with a strong sense of community, Nebraska offers a variety of options for students seeking a personalized and enriching college experience.

Each institution brings its own distinctive qualities, blending academic excellence with a supportive environment. Join us on a journey through the best small colleges in Nebraska, where students can thrive academically and personally and find the perfect fit for their educational aspirations.

If you did not find your choice school here, you can also scout for alternatives in our archive of the best small colleges in other states of the US for other small school options.

How many small schools are in Nebraska?

Nebraska is home to several small colleges, each offering a unique educational experience.

While the exact number may vary, notable small colleges in the state include private liberal arts institutions, public universities with a community focus, and religious-affiliated schools, providing diverse options for students seeking a more intimate learning environment.

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What is the cheapest university in Nebraska for international students?

Among the affordable options for international students in Nebraska, public institutions like Wayne State College and Peru State College often offer competitive tuition rates.

These universities prioritize affordability and provide resources such as scholarships and financial aid to help ease the financial burden for international students seeking quality education in the state.

What college accepts the least number of students?

While specific acceptance rates can vary, generally, smaller institutions like Concordia University, Nebraska, in Seward, or the College of Saint Mary in Omaha tend to have more selective admission processes, accepting fewer students.

These colleges often prioritize a close-knit community and personalized education, making the admissions process more competitive.

How do I get into small colleges in Nebraska?

To gain admission to small colleges in Nebraska, focus on presenting a well-rounded application that showcases your academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and personal qualities.

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Research each college’s admission requirements and deadlines, and consider visiting the campus or attending informational events to demonstrate your genuine interest.

Additionally, crafting a compelling personal statement and obtaining strong letters of recommendation can strengthen your application and increase your chances of being admitted to these intimate and engaging institutions.

What are the best small colleges in Nebraska?

Without further ado, we lead you to the top colleges with small class sizes and student populations in Nebraska. Our job here at Ziiky is to make school searching easy and seamless for you.

Now here are the top Nebraska small colleges:

1. Doane University, Crete

  • Phone: +1 402-826-2161
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,102 (2020–21)
  • Address: 1014 Boswell Ave., Crete, NE 68333, United States

Explore the vibrant community at Doane University in Crete, a private liberal arts college with a rich history. The school offers undergraduate and graduate programs through its three colleges in Crete, Lincoln, and Omaha

With a commitment to individualized learning, Doane provides students with small class sizes and personalized attention, which is one of its giveaways.

The university’s emphasis on experiential education and community engagement creates a dynamic environment where students can explore their passions while preparing for successful futures.


2. Hastings College, Hastings

  • Phone: +1 800-532-7642
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,102 (2020–21)
  • Address: 710 Turner Ave., Hastings, NE 68901, United States

Immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere of Hastings College, a private Presbyterian liberal arts institution.

Known for its innovative academic programs, extracurricular achievement, and focus on hands-on learning, Hastings College offers students the opportunity to actively participate in their education for a four-year term.

The college’s supportive community encourages students to embrace their creativity and individuality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a personalized and enriching college experience.


3. Union College, Lincoln

  • Phone: +1 402-486-2600
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 574 (2020–21)
  • Address: 3800 S 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68506, United States

Experience the unique blend of academic excellence and Seventh-day Adventist values at Union College in Lincoln that has empowered students to learn, serve, and lead through Christ-centered education since 1891

As a private, religious institution, Union College is dedicated to fostering spiritual growth alongside academic achievement.

With a diverse range of programs and a strong sense of community, Union College provides a holistic education that prepares students for both personal and professional success.


4. College of Saint Mary, Omaha

  • Phone: +1 402-399-2400
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 599 (2020–21)
  • Address: 7000 Mercy Rd., Omaha, NE 68106, United States

Discover the empowering environment at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, a private Catholic women’s college open to undergraduates, graduates, and non-degree-seeking students. The college offers more than 30 undergraduate and seven graduate degree programs.

With a commitment to women’s leadership and a focus on service, CSM provides a supportive community where students can thrive academically and personally.

The college’s strong emphasis on mentorship and a values-based education makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a purpose-driven college experience.

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5. Concordia University, Nebraska, Seward

  • Phone: +1 402-643-3651
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,190 (2020–21)
  • Address: 800 N Columbia Ave., Seward, NE 68434, United States

Delve into the close-knit community at Concordia University in Seward, a private Lutheran institution. With a Christian foundation, Concordia provides a supportive environment that integrates faith and learning.

The university’s commitment to academic excellence, community service, and global engagement makes it a compelling choice for students seeking a values-based education that prepares them for a meaningful impact in the world.

Keep in mind that Concordia University, Nebraska, is a fully accredited, coeducational university affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod as one of seven schools at Concordia University.


6. Wayne State College, Wayne

  • Phone: +1 800-228-9972
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 3,048 (2020–21)
  • Address: 1111 Main St, Wayne, NE 68787, United States

Engage in the welcoming atmosphere of Wayne State College, a public institution known for its strong sense of community and being part of the Nebraska State College System.

With a diverse range of academic programs and a commitment to affordability, Wayne State College offers students a high-quality education in a supportive environment.

The college’s focus on experiential learning and student success makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded college experience.


7. Chadron State College, Chadron

  • Phone: +1 308-432-6000
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,642 (2020–21)
  • Address: 1000 Main St, Chadron, NE 69337, United States

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty surrounding Chadron State College, a public institution located in the scenic Nebraska Panhandle. Chadron is one of the schools which has evolved into a rapidly growing multipurpose institution of higher education

Known for its strong emphasis on outdoor education and a commitment to affordability, Chadron State College provides students with unique opportunities to explore the region’s diverse landscapes.

The college’s tight-knit community and personalized approach to education make it an ideal choice for those seeking a distinctive college experience.


8. York University, York

  • Phone: +1 402-363-5627
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 435 (2020–21)
  • Address: 1125 E 8th St, York, NE 68467, United States

Embrace the supportive community at York University, a private institution committed to academic excellence affiliated with the Church of Christ.

With a focus on providing a well-rounded education, York University offers students a range of programs and resources to foster personal and intellectual growth.

The university’s dedication to small class sizes and individualized attention creates an environment where students can thrive academically and build lasting connections.

Keep in mind that York University is home to 18 athletic programs. The Panthers compete in the KCAC and are a part of the NAIA.


9. Midland University, Fremont

  • Phone: +1 800-642-8382
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,200 (2020–21)
  • Address: 900 N Clarkson St, Fremont, NE 68025, United States

Immerse yourself in the dynamic community at Midland University in Fremont, a private institution with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

Midlands University offers relevant opportunities in more than 30 academic areas, 24 graduate programs, and a wide range of professional courses.

With innovative academic programs and a commitment to affordability, Midland University provides students with the tools they need to succeed in their chosen fields.

The university’s supportive environment and focus on real-world experience make it an excellent choice for those seeking a hands-on and engaging college experience.

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10. Peru State College, Peru

  • Phone: +1 402-872-3815
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 1,415 (2020–21)
  • Address: 600 Hoyt St, Peru, NE 68421, United States

Experience the welcoming atmosphere of Peru State College, a public institution located in the charming town of Peru.

Known for its strong emphasis on teacher education and a commitment to affordability, Peru State College offers students a quality education in a supportive community.

The college’s rich history and dedication to student success make it an ideal choice for those seeking a close-knit college experience with a focus on academic excellence.


FAQs on best small colleges in Nebraska

What makes small colleges in Nebraska unique?

Nebraska’s small colleges stand out for their intimate learning environments, fostering close student-faculty relationships, and providing personalized attention. This creates a supportive atmosphere that allows students to actively engage in their education and form lasting connections.

How do small colleges in Nebraska support student success?

Small colleges in Nebraska prioritize student success through smaller class sizes, mentorship programs, and hands-on learning opportunities. These institutions often tailor their support services to individual student needs, ensuring a holistic and enriching educational experience.

Are there religiously affiliated small colleges in Nebraska?

Yes, Nebraska is home to several religiously affiliated small colleges, such as Concordia University, Nebraska, and the College of Saint Mary. These institutions integrate faith-based values into their educational mission, offering students a unique blend of academic and spiritual development.

What majors are commonly offered at small colleges in Nebraska?

Small colleges in Nebraska offer a diverse range of majors, including liberal arts, education, business, and healthcare-related fields. The variety of programs caters to different academic interests, ensuring students have the opportunity to pursue their passions in a close-knit educational setting.

How do small colleges in Nebraska contribute to the local community?

Small colleges in Nebraska often play integral roles in their local communities by fostering community engagement, service projects, and partnerships with local businesses. This involvement not only benefits students by providing real-world experiences but also contributes to the overall growth and well-being of the surrounding areas.


In conclusion, the diverse tapestry of small colleges in Nebraska offers students a unique and enriching educational experience.

With their intimate learning environments, these institutions prioritize personalized attention, fostering close-knit communities that support academic and personal growth.

Whether through innovative programs, community engagement initiatives, or a commitment to affordability, each small college contributes to the vibrant educational landscape of the Cornhusker State.

We hope you find your perfect school above.

Good luck!!!




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